Leah Klingbyle

'Rat King', 16"x12" Woodcut on paper, 2021

Untitled, 12"x17", Digital collage screen printed on paper

'Hungry', 8"x11"  Risograph on paper, 2022

'What Does the River Remember?' 12'x8', mixed media, 2022

Group Mural Installation at Evergreen Brickworks

What Does the River Remember Patch, 8"x6", Screen print on Canvas

Don River Radio Patch, 6"x6", Screen print on canvas, 2022

'Dreamscape 1' 13"x6.5", mixed media, 2021

'Doctor's Order', 8"x11", ink on paper, 2021

'Arcas', 14"x17", ink on paper, 2020

'Night Building', Digital Collage, 2020

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